Running in the rain

Are we all enjoying the sunshine?!  It is beautiful at the moment, though I think club run this evening is going to be a very warm one.  (are you wondering about the post title yet?)

It has been a hectic few weeks again and I’ve realised that I didn’t do an April round up, so here you go:

April 2017 round up

  • Total miles:  73
  • Number of runs: 17
  • Races: 2

So that is a nice amount of miles for the month, and back to more where I want to be.  My average pace for the month (yes I’m a stats freak and I like working it out) 09:25 min per mile.  I’m really pleased to see that after struggling for quite a while to get my pace to where I wanted it.  Still have a way to go, but it is coming back.

This pic shows my pace for a recent club run.  I had to include it for a bit of a giggle.  This was a lovely evening run with club, a combination of road and off road, warm and muggy to start with lots of refreshing rain for the second half of the run.


See the spike on the pace chart?  See the maximum pace – 5:22 min mile !!  That’ll be the field with cows, calves and bull in then…..  I am very scared going through livestock like this, and would only go across with several guys surrounding me (and our club coach who is as scared as I am!).  As soon as the way to the gate was clear I just went for it.  I suppose it could class as interval training…..

We really welcomed the rain on this run.  It was an overcast but very warm evening, with lots of bugs about.  It started with a heavy drizzle and got heavier until it was really raining.  There is something pretty fun about running in the rain.  Warm rain, no wind.  Perfect way to cool down !

Does anyone else like it or is it just me?


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