May 2017 Round up

Last day of the month and it’s a rest day, so I thought I’d have a look back to see how the month has gone.

May 2017 round up

Sewerby parkun – nearly at the finish
  • Total miles:  87.38
  • Number of runs: 17
  • Races: 0

VERY pleased with the miles for the month!  14 more miles than last month, but in the same amount of runs – shows that I’ve been increasing the distance of the long runs.

Last night was track session and I really struggled with it.  I normally thoroughly enjoy these sessions and pushing myself hard, but last night there was just nothing in the tank.   The session was walk, jog, run, sprint between cone markers.  First one way, and then swap and go the other way round the track which meant that the walk was shorter, the sprint longer.  Because it was Bank Holiday Monday we’d taken Sunday as a rest day and did our long run of 11.5 miles on Monday.  I’m presuming (hoping?!) that this is the reason that I struggled with the track session this time.

But……..  this month has been good overall.  I’ve run my quickest parkrun in a long time and finally got back under 26 minutes and I’ve had some really good long runs.

Next month is busy, I’ve entered Sledmere Sunset trail 10k and Humber Bridge Half Marathon……


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