Cross training

Where are the weeks disappearing to?!

I’ve been aiming to get out on my push bike for weeks as a form of cross training.  Yesterday was the first day that I managed it.

The only cross training (if you can even class it as training) that I do is walking and the odd bit of yoga.  Both help, in particular the walking, at stretching and loosening achy joints and muscles, but I don’t think they do a lot for strength.   I have a mountain bike – not ideal for road biking, but it will certainly do and after comments from a friend on how much taking up biking has helped her running I was determined to try and incorporate this into my routine.

  • Session 1 = four miles (slightly hilly!)

I know it doesn’t seem like far, but it is a start!  Even for this distance I can feel my legs having to work different muscles and it is pretty hard work.  I’m not aiming for fast (and didn’t time the ride either); at the moment I just want to complete it.  I hadn’t felt great yesterday and could easily have stayed at home curled up on the sofa, but I didn’t, I got my bike out and went.  So I’m classing that as a success.

Next ride planned for Wednesday, which takes the weeks plan to this:

  • Mon:  1.5 mile walk, 4 mile bike
  • Tues: 1.5 mile walk, club track session
  • Wed: 1.5 mile walk, 4 mile bike
  • Thurs: 1.5 mile walk, 4 – 6 mile club run
  • Fri: 1.5 mile walk, 10k trail race
  • Sat: parkrun 3 miles
  • Sun: ??????  long walk

That is looking like a busy week!!

Last week I only ran three times, and incorporated parkrun into a long run.  I set off running in a bit of a fluster after setting off nice and early, planning to get to parkrun, do a minimum of 6 miles first but a road closure due to an accident (meaning I had to double back for several miles before I could take an alternative route) meant that I was much later than planned but still managed 4 miles.  My hips were achy right from the off due to three hours digging in the garden the night before…

I took a route through Danes Dyke for the first time – and I’ll happily do it again.  It is lovely and lots of steps to work on the legs J

Danes Dyke

parkrun was completed with a friend on her first run in ages – a very nice three miles with lots of chat and catch up and then I headed straight off for another 6 miles.  I won’t lie, it was hard work.  But I’m very glad that I did it as the final long run before Humber Bridge Half Marathon.

Do you cross train?  What do you find best?


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