A special event

If you have come here expecting a blog post about running, just bare with me, I will get there eventually 😉

Thursday 20th July.  The first of a few days off work.  Pouring with rain!  So what is a girl to do, but go and get married!

A few months ago we’d got engaged and at the time agreed that we didn’t want to wait ages and ages before getting married, but then you start thinking about the logistics, the politics (who to invite, who not, who you have to etc etc!), the cost, the hassle, the stress…….   and we really didn’t want our day to be about all of that.  We have both been married before, which does make a difference but wanted the day to be about us, the commitment that we were making to each other and without any of the hassle.

So we decided to not invite anyone!  That is, apart from our witnesses, who were my son and my OH’s daughter.   Not only did we not invite anyone, we didn’t tell anyone either.

It was perfect

Instead of rushing around to the hairdressers (for a style you’ve never had before and don’t even look like yourself) and having nails done, I got up and took the dogs out for a walk.  I did my own hair, didn’t bother painting my nails.

There were a few nerves in the car on the way to the registry office – after all, it is an important thing we were doing but once we were there I was surprisingly calm.  A very nice, very relaxed ceremony – which included photo’s taken by our kids and even a few I took of them (I said it was relaxed!) while we were waiting for the register to be completed.  It was really personal, vows said to each other rather than just repeated to the official and then we were married!

I’d booked afternoon tea at Burythorpe House Hotel for the four of us.  Would recommend if you are in the area!  The food was delicious and the service good too.  It also meant that we weren’t eating too late in the afternoon – important for what we had planned next…


Running club!

What else would we do on a Thursday night other than go to running club ? 😉

We had put a post on facebook in the afternoon so many did know what we’d been up to by the time we got to club, but the t shirts we’d got for the occasion helped others work out what was going on.

20116963_1473337942723965_9102309801621199569_o (1)


It was a perfect day, perfect for us.

More about the weekend away and parkrun tourism next.


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