Lincoln parkrun tourism

Planning a weekend away after our wedding obviously has to include a parkrun;  indeed the choice of hotel was governed by being within running distance of the nearest parkrun (obsession??!).  Lincoln isn’t too far away from us, which meant that we wouldn’t be spending too much time travelling and it is somewhere that I have wanted to visit for a while.

We stayed in the Double Tree by Hilton on Brayford Wharf and arrived on Friday lunchtime after a pretty easy journey (actually, sorting out the child and the dogs to leave for the weekend is the hardest thing!) and we were happy to be able to check in early, dump our bags and head out to explore.

Inside Lincoln Cathedral

Steep Hill is called that for a reason!  It is not often that we get to just wander at leisure – we always seem to be busy and rushing to move on to the next thing.  What a nice change then to be able to take our time, stop for a glass of wine, wander a bit further.  We kept it simple in the evening by popping to the Ask restaurant just a few hundred metres from the hotel to have a lovely meal and share a bottle of fizz.  This was also the fifth anniversary of my step brother passing away so a bit of sadness was there too.  I still don’t feel that I’ve dealt with his death emotionally at all – but actually have no idea how to.

Five years ago on these same few days was one of the worst times of my life.  I’d been forced out of my home, my step brother died at 37 after a relatively short fight with cancer and I was struggling to cope with just day to day things.  Five years – seems such a short time, but also such a long time (if that makes any sense at all).  Life has certainly changed!  I’m very happy to have such a happy occasion to think of at this time of year now.

Lincoln parkrun

About a mile and a half steady trot along the side of the canal took us to the start of parkrun – a slight wrong turning on one of the paths in the park meant we were a bit later than planned (and missed the first timers briefing) but in time for the general welcome (and a surprise when we bumped into Wendy from our home parkrun!).  It had rained LOTS over night and the grass was very wet where we were stood, which meant we were getting eaten alive by the bugs whilst we waited L  should have remembered the insect repellent.

The course starts on the grass and quickly narrows to tarmac paths for three loops round the park.  I wondered if I’d find the laps boring, but because it was quite twisty and through trees / over bridges / round corners etc it was fine.

I was over the moon with a finishing time of 25:18 !

Lincoln parkrun
Lincoln parkrun

A steady walk / jog back to the hotel ended up a bit quicker when we realised we had time to get back, shower and still be in time for breakfast!  This is perfect and something we will certainly look for in future – a hotel that serves breakfast till 11 fits in great.

Did I like Lincoln parkrun – Yes

Would I visit again – definitely Yes.  It was friendly and we even got a mention in the weekly report (although how they knew who we were / where we are from is a mystery!).

Saturday afternoon and Sunday and we were back up Steep Hill each day to visit the Cathedral and the Castle – both well worth a visit.  I will admit by the end of the weekend my legs were aching.  Lincoln is a lovely place to visit and I hope to go back before long.

Lincoln Cathedral taken from the Castle Walls

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  1. Lovely blog! Your partner sounds like mine – all weekend trips (within the uk or abroad) have to be near a parkrun! We’re off to Washington in a week – and yes it has a parkrun!!


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