Yorkshire Coast 10k 2017 – Scarborough

Yorkshire Coast 10k (3)
Approaching Scarborough, black skies and rainbows

This is a 10k road race, on fully closed roads from the Scarborough Spa Complex, along the see front through Peasholme Park, to the sea-life centre and back along the sea front to the spa. I’ve done this race twice before and although it isn’t the most exciting route it does have good views out to sea (on a good day!) and has a wonderful, friendly atmosphere.

The first year I ran this (2012) I barely knew anyone. My new boyfriend took me, I had a good run but collapsed at the end and he had to take me to first aid (nothing serious).

I didn’t run it again till 2016 and it was a different experience again. With being a parkrun regular we knew far more people (and my other half was running it with me) and I had a good run (finishing in 53:01).

Fast forward to 2017 and we once again entered to run the Yorkshire Coast 10k. This time it was a family affair with me, husband and son all running. Add to that my Dad decided to come along to spectate and it really was becoming a family day out!

Yorkshire Coast 10k (9a)
Family fun…

Early Sunday morning start found us setting off for the drive to Scarborough. The forecast wasn’t great, but it had said pretty dry – but on our way the sky over Scarborough was getting darker and darker and we were then treated to a lovely rainbow. By the time we parked it was pouring down and we were all questioning exactly what we were doing. Fifteen minutes sat in the car and the rain eased off enough that we decided to make our way to the Spa for a loo stop and to catch up with others.

It was like a big group of friends. Every few steps there was someone else with a hug, a good morning, a good luck. I love this atmosphere!

A quick jog back to the car to shed some layers and back to the start line – no time for a last minute wee! I love the start here as despite it being very cramped there is loud music and a great countdown. It all adds to give lots of atmosphere.

And we were off!

Did I have a plan? Well kind of.

  • My last 10k I ran in 54:14 and I knew I wanted to beat that. That was plan C.

  • This race last year I ran in 53:01 so I would like to beat that – plan B.

  • My 10k PB is 52:00 and I would LOVE to beat that – plan A.

I set off and tried to find some kind of hard, but comfortable pace. Not looking at my watch and just running to feel seems to be best for me so it is only at the beep of a mile that I looked. First mile 08:21.

Not sure if I could hold that pace for 6.2 miles (actually pretty sure I couldn’t) I told myself to slow down a bit and tried to relax. Second mile 08:20 – well that worked then lol. Particularly as the section with a head wind was part of this mile… Oh well, I thought I’d just go with it. Through Peasholme Park, ignoring the water station, and the third mile was completed in 08:10.

At this point on the route there is a double back section which gives you the chance to try and spot others and shout encouragement. I was pleased to see my husband and then son a little way ahead of me so knew that my son was on for a massive PB. Shouted to lots of friends and then back onto the seafront. Mile 4 08:08.

Then my head went down. I’m not quite sure why. It was suddenly very warm, sun right in my face (I really wished I’d had sunglasses on) and it seemed a long way home. I did look at my watch mid mile and saw that my pace had dropped significantly – gave myself a talking to and pushed on again. Mile 5 08:23.

scar jh
The final few hundred metres (trying not to throw up!)

Into the last mile and the route brings you back around the headland (or castle corner as I call it) and you can look across the bay and see the spa and the finish. At this point I looked at my watch, could see the distance remaining and knew that I was in chance of getting my PB. But it would be close.

It took everything I had to push on round that bay keeping my pace up. At the very end there is a slight rise up to a roundabout before the finish straight and that hill is hard, desperately telling myself not to throw up! My garmin registered 0.28m at a pace of 07:21 !

And a PB!!

Official time = 51:28

I really, really didn’t expect to get a PB. I thought I had a chance of getting Plan B, but thought Plan A would be too much to hope for.

(and my son…. He got a PB. Knocking six and a half MINUTES off his previous best!)

Will I be back? Yes, I’m pretty sure we’ll do this again next year. Local, well organised, with lots of friends – what more do I want from a race.

Bling? Fab medal and tshirt

Yorkshire Coast 10k Medal 2017

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