Christmas parkun

xmas day Jane

This morning I told my husband that I wanted to run alone. Didn’t want to take the dogs, didn’t want company. Every now and again I need to do this. Christmas is a really busy time for lots of us, and this year has been even more so for me than usual.

I make jewellery, so the run up to Christmas is obviously busy. I then have another job (the ‘proper one’) that I was doing 30 hours a week for. That was about manageable…. But, due to changes at work I am now full time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very grateful for a job, but it is certainly testing me trying to fit everything in!

Just before Christmas I needed to visit the dentist for a minor filling. And came home missing a tooth 😦 This was certainly not the plan! (and has left me feeling very old). I suppose one positive is that I haven’t really been able to over indulge food wise over the festive period – and am still struggling following an emergency dentist visit yesterday and now on antibiotics.

All of this has left me feeling fairly stressed, a bit fed up and down on myself. So today I just needed to run. Just run for myself, with no one else there. The alarm went off just after 7am and I was dressed and heading out the door fairly quickly. It was a gorgeous morning – frosty but clear and five miles later I was feeling a bit better, glad I’d been selfish, and ready for a quick shower before work.

Does any one else choose to run alone when you do have the option of company?

I haven’t done any races lately – running has just been about squeezing it in when I could. But we had decided to run Hull parkrun on Christmas Day. My husband and I did this last year and I really wanted to again – this time joined by my son (his first time at Hull).

So only one present opened first thing (and that was new running shoes for my son!) and we were on our way – Christmas t-shirts and Santa hats all round 😉 I had a steady run, fairly pleased with my time as I wasn’t feeling great, but my son had a fab run – gained a PB and his first sub 23 min 5k. A couple of club mates had joined us and it made a great start to the day before heading home to get the turkey in the oven, open the fizz and wait for the guests to arrive.

Hope you all had a good Christmas, that you are running as much as you want to and are busy making plans for the new year.


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