Exploring Paris

Last week found me travelling again for work.  The second time in Paris in 2 weeks.  It sounds lovely getting the chance to visit different places with someone else paying, however the reality is the first time I went to Paris I saw the train station, the hotel and the office.  Literally nothing else! This... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!

So it is the first weekend of the new year, we’d run parkrun as usual on Saturday morning but wanted to run Sunday too.  I wanted off road, and wanted to be able to take the dogs with us too.  We didn’t want to go far as had lots of other things that needed to... Continue Reading →

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

As we are caught up in the usual round of well wishes and resolutions, I have reflected on the year just gone. For 2016 and 2017 I set myself the challenge of running an average of 75 miles per month. 2016 I didn’t achieve this (due to illness towards the end of the year), hence... Continue Reading →

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