East Coast sunrise
East Coast sunrise

Life has certainly thrown some swerve balls this way in the last few months ! My absence here has not been intentional, it has just been lower down the list of priorities that seems to get bigger each day.

At the end of last year there had been changes at work following redundancies – well this year didn’t start any smoother in that regard, with several resignations within a short time resulting in me taking on extra responsibilities. I’m hoping that in the long run this is a good move for me, but it certainly adds pressure to life. Working longer hours is meaning the usual juggle of trying to fit everything in gets that bit harder.

Sadly there have recently been two deaths in the extended family, both pretty sudden. Although they weren’t people that I was close too, my close loved ones have been very much affected and it is a hard time for them. There is no rule book of what to do in these situations, so I’m just trying to be there if I’m needed.

I have still been running, not as much as I’d like, but I’ve been out there. I was feeling the pressure because I wasn’t hitting my target mileage, but do you know what – it doesn’t matter. I’m still out there.

This morning I ran early. Just me and the dogs. In the rain.

I’d stopped for the dogs to have a sniff and I lifted my face to the rain and took a moment to be thankful that I was out there, alive, able to run. So many people have challenges to overcome, some bigger than others. No my life isn’t perfect – but whose is? As long as we try to be happy and look after each other every day then that has to be enough.

I’ve run one race this year – the Dalby No Ego head torch run. 5 miles through the forest in the pitch black. It was good fun, despite not feeling on top form (I’d had my first cold in several years). My son ran it with me for the first time (and got a free tshirt for being the youngest runner!) and we followed it with club tea at the pub – all in all a good evening.

Snow day
Snow day

I’ve run in Paris ! I was away with work, couldn’t get to parkrun so decided to explore with a run. You can read about it here.

Hopefully it won’t be so long next time…..

Friends of the best kind

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