Regent’s Park

Away with work for a few days, meaning that I miss club run for a week, so what else would I do but pack my running gear and take the time to explore.  I was staying near Kings Cross in London and had asked for suggestions of where I could run and would I be safe heading off on my own in an evening.   I knew that I wasn’t too far away from Regent’s Park so thought that was a good place to head to.  A suggestion of running along the canal rather than the road sounded great.

So off I went – from the hotel on York Place I soon found the tow path along Regent’s Canal and tried to settle down into some kind of rhythm.  This is when I become so painfully aware that I am not used to running where there are lots of people!  The tow path is pretty good route really, apart from when it is closed and I get diverted through Camden Market and feel a bit lost.


I finally found Regent’s Park and was amazed at just how busy it was!  It was gone 7pm on a Tuesday evening and there were people everywhere.  In a way it is great – so many people enjoying the sunshine and fresh air, but I still just can’t get used to so many people in the same place.


That said, I did enjoy my run round the park.  The walkway of Lilac trees smelt fantastic!  But by this point it was getting a bit late, I still had to get back to my hotel and showered before heading out for something to eat so decided to jump on the tube back to Kings Cross and my hotel.


Am I glad I made the effort?  Yes definitely !


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