A couple of weeks ago a good friend gave us a sourdough starter (and some flour and a spatula!) to have a go at making our own bread (thanks Lizzie!).

The instructions can seem a bit overwhelming, but we thought we might as well have a go….

Well the first attempt wasn’t great.

I didn’t even take any pictures. When we were trying to shape the dough we realised that it was too wet and then forgot to put it in the fridge over night – so think it had over-proved and collapsed. We ended up with two loaves that tasted OK but hadn’t risen. Very dense, tough bread!

So we had another go.

This time it was so much better! A little less water in the mix (and overall less proving time) meant we were actually able to shape the dough, and it rose in the oven.

Ready for the oven

This morning for breakfast I have had a slice of freshly baked bread. I’ve then been out and picked the first strawberries from the garden – will be having those in a little while.

Freshly baked sourdough bread & strawberries from the garden

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