Skipsea Brough circular run

For the first time in what seems like a long time, Sunday morning gave the opportunity to head out for a run. I fancied a different route – not just one from home, but didn’t want to drive for ages to get there. Forecast was hot and sunny which meant that if I could find a route which had some shade from trees that would be even better!


A quick look on the map to remind myself of what options we had and I suggested parking at Skipsea Brough, and running a circular route, partly off road, via Dunnington, Bewholme and back to Skipsea Brough. We ended up not getting up as early as I would have really liked which meant it was pretty hot – but we weren’t in a rush so could just go steady away.


Parked at Skipsea Brough and we picked up the road we needed and trotted off – this first bit was very hot, with pretty much no shade and you can’t help thinking how hard it is and if there is any way you can carry on for miles more! Looping round to Dunnington we finally had some shade from the trees which was a very welcome relief. There isn’t really much to Dunnington – a few farms and houses plus a church. We had a walk round the churchyard, looking for a tap for us to cool ourselves down with, but it would appear that isn’t available at this church.


From here we picked up a public footpath heading across the fields. I love being off road, even though some of this was very rough, forcing us to walk rather than run for a part of it. We have been down this path before, but only so far – so then it became a task of looking out for the footpath signs and making sure we were going in the right direction. But it was pretty easy and a lovely run. We came to the end of one field, onto the little plank bridge which took you over a ditch and through a hedge – as we popped out the other side we realised that we were on a cross country course! Now we had to take the opportunity for a photo 😉


Over a stile and along a few shaded grass paths around a wood and we appeared in Bewholme. A couple of minutes through the village and we stopped off at the church hoping that this time there would be a tap – we were in luck. A cool down of the wrists, wash the face, soak the hair and a drink and we were ready to carry on. The route from this point was easy, just following the same road back to Skipsea Brough. It is a very quiet road, we only saw a couple of vehicles. A couple of walk breaks due to the heat, and we were back at the car. A thoroughly enjoyable (if hot!) 7 miles.


I need more runs like this, no particular time pressure, just chatting away enjoying being out in the countryside together.



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