Trials and trails of summer

It’s been a while since I’ve updated, so what have I been up to?

As I’m sure many of you find, summer is quite hard to stick to routine. I’m way behind on my target miles for the year due to other things in life getting in the way but for the last month or so I’ve really been making an effort to push the miles a bit more, back to 20ish miles per week. And I’ve managed for the last few weeks! I’m not berating myself over not hitting my yearly target (there’s no chance now without absolutely killing myself) but I am trying to find some motivation for the rest of the year.

We’ve had some really good runs over the last few weeks. We’ve had two visits to Dalby Forest parkrun – a lovely run that I’d do more often if it wasn’t nearly an hours drive away and we’ve had some nice runs exploring local routes.

Beautiful Yorkshire

A couple of running club friends organised a visit to Dalby – parkrun, drink & snack in the cafe, relocate cars a couple of miles further up the forest, 10k run, BBQ / picnic. It was a really good day which we thoroughly enjoyed. The teenager joined us and managed the distance pretty well too. I love the fact that I’ve made friends in this group, that meant that I chatted the whole way round parkrun with one, and spent the rest of the day whilst running and afterwards catching up with lots of great people. A fab, relaxed day and Dalby is a great place to run.

We’ve also had a few runs pretty near to home, but different routes to what we normally do – just trying to put a bit of a refresh into the long runs. Last weekend I’d found a route that started at Long Riston and was basically a big loop around Rise and back to the start. Quite a bit was off road too, so a perfect run for us. Wide grass tracks, field edges, along the edges of a stream, back roads….. a bit of exploring, following a map, and all just 15 minutes from home. 9 mile training run done.


Exploring new paths near Rise, East Yorkshire

This coming weekend we are heading up to Keswick in the Lakes for the Lakeland Trails 15k trail challenge. A group of us are going for the weekend so it should be really good fun. Run report to follow….

Have you had any problems with access when following public footpaths? My main worry is cows (they scare me!) and sometimes the signage isn’t great, but I do enjoy it much more than road running.


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