Christmas, parkruns and awards

What a few months! I’ve been very lax in writing anything here – not because I haven’t wanted to, but because I’ve struggled to find the time to do so. It’s been a good time, with lots of things happening.

I’ve run my 200th parkrun and a new parkrun, run Christmas day parkrun, received a very unexpected award and missed lots of runs! The new job is going well, the running not so much and like everyone else we’ve been very busy on the run up to Christmas.

After a few days in London I took the train directly to York to join my husband for an evening out. As we were staying over we had to look to see if parkrun was an option. 8.45am saw us setting off from the hotel to head towards York parkrun… a bit late… a bit hungover… We thought we had enough time, but ended up cutting it VERY fine only getting there as they were part way through the pre-run brief. I knew that this was a 2.5 lap course, around the inside of the race course – and that is exactly what you got. It isn’t exciting, it isn’t picturesque, it just is what it is. I don’t think I’ll rush back, but if you were looking for a fast course for a PB, this would be a good one. It was also a bitterly cold day! The picture says it all !

a cold York parkrun!

Yorkshire Wolds Runners Christmas party was great fun. Buffet and disco at a local hotel – a fab chance to get together and relax. It is also the time of year that a few awards are given out – coaches award and Club Races competition. I was very surprised to be the recipient of the Ladies Club Race shield! (and double surprise that my husband won the Mens shield). As someone who has never really been thought of as sporty, to win anything is amazing.

Club Race competition winners!

Christmas day found the three of us again heading to Hull parkrun. It makes me happy that my 17 year old will come with us, as it is a great way to start the day and lovely to meet up with friends too. I know lots of people think we are pretty crackers doing this on Christmas Day, but it really makes me feel like I’ve achieved something and definitely works to stop me just eating all day!

Christmas day at Hull parkrun – family and friends

And just to prove that I don’t always wear running gear….

Boxing day walks
Christmas Day

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