Disappointed, but not beating myself up

2018 – I wish I could be writing saying that I’d met all of my goals, hit all of my targets and achieved everything I set out to. I can’t.

My aim at the beginning of the year was to run 1000 miles but I only hit the monthly miles once, so am way way off. Am I disappointed? Yes. BUT I am also realistic in that there has been an awful lot going on this year (two job changes, deaths in the family, illness in the family, injury…)

Total miles = 753 miles
Number of runs = 168
Average pace = 10:12 min / mile
Average miles per month = 62.75
Number of races = 9
parkruns = 48

There haven’t been many running highs. I’ve had my first major injury following a fall at the beginning of September – which I’m still struggling with and sporting a fair amount of KT tape on my quad at the moment. But I’m still running, and hoping that next year will be a better year. But somehow I did manage to win the Club Race competition !

Outside of running it has been a great year with lots going on – which of course has impacted on the time I’ve had for running but that is how things go.

So 2019…

Running targets: I’d still like to hit the 1000 miles in a year, but I don’t know if 2019 will be the year I do that. Initially I want to run more consistently – which for me means four times a week, and extend my long runs to around the ten to twelve mile mark. I’d also like to try and get some of the pace that I’ve lost back. Travelling more with work, it will be more of a challenge but I’m determined to do it.

I’ve already got a few races planned, along with the rest of the Cross Country league (cross country next Sunday, Dalby No Ego 26th Jan, Snake Lane 10 mile 24th Jan). I’ve started a training plan, which is proving a challenge as we are away for several weekends over the next month or two.

National Running Show – anyone going? We didn’t last year, but have decided to see what it is like this time. Booked a few nights hotel to make a weekend of it so hoping that it will be good! Any suggestions on which parkrun to visit?

And I’ve just treated myself to a new running watch… review to follow once I’ve had chance to use it.


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