January training… did it go to plan

Last year I’d set my target as 1000 miles for the year and missed it by a long, long way. This works out at about 83 miles a month. I’ve already said that I’d like to aim for this again. I don’t actually know if I can do it, life being very busy has impacted... Continue Reading →

London Adventures

Back in London with work for a couple of days I was looking for a different route to do. Based on Fleet Street, and fitting it in in the morning before work it needed to be close by and not too long. Looking at the map I realised Buckingham Palace wasn’t far away (who knew... Continue Reading →

Dalby No Ego 5 mile 2019

The last weekend in January I’m back again in Dalby Forest to run the No Ego headtorch race. Imagine the scene – it’s dark; it’s raining (actually pouring); it is cold. I’m about to set off into a pitch black forest with several hundred others. Did I mention it was raining? Obviously this means you... Continue Reading →

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