Dalby No Ego 5 mile 2019

The last weekend in January I’m back again in Dalby Forest to run the No Ego headtorch race.

Imagine the scene – it’s dark; it’s raining (actually pouring); it is cold. I’m about to set off into a pitch black forest with several hundred others.

Did I mention it was raining? Obviously this means you get wet, but what else? Mud. Mud everywhere! Which does make it even more fun. The organisers had made the decision to run the course the opposite way round this time, to try and prevent a bottleneck at the beginning – and it worked I think. There was still congestion on the first hill, but I think you are always going to get that. Although I was really annoyed by one guy who passed me 4 or 5 times and EVERY time clipped my arm /foot / leg, crossed right in front of me making me have to stop my stride else I’d have kicked him – there is just no need for this, we are all racing and there is no need for rudeness.

The hills were hard! But the downhills fun. This course isn’t on easy paths, it is through the forest meaning you are always dodging / jumping tree stumps, roots, branches etc etc. And the mud. Some tight corners were a bit hairy when you are sliding even in trail shoes!

Dalby No Ego Route

I finished quicker than last year and I enjoyed the run, so result all round. I’ll definitely be back for this one another year.

Bling – none. Tshirts are available to buy if you want one. The race is pretty cheap to enter so this doesn’t really bother me.

The finish line!

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