London Adventures

Back in London with work for a couple of days I was looking for a different route to do. Based on Fleet Street, and fitting it in in the morning before work it needed to be close by and not too long.

St James Route

Looking at the map I realised Buckingham Palace wasn’t far away (who knew lol) and St James Park looked like it might be good to run around. I’d have been out ten minutes earlier but couldn’t find my hotel room key… (I honestly had no idea where it was, but I’d got into my room the night before so it had to be there somewhere! That is what half a bottle or so of wine with a colleague does to you). Out of the hotel, turn left and follow the road. Not too far away and I’m in Trafalgar Square -I still can’t really believe that this is becoming my normal !

Trafalgar Square
Buckingham Palace

Take the third exit from Trafalgar Square and I’m running down the Mall. I decided to stay on the road rather than heading into the park at this point so that I could run straight down to the palace. Obviously had to stop and take photo’s along the route so that I could share (and send one to my husband). It was a very cold morning and there were a few points that I had to be careful on as they were a bit slippy but managed to stay on my feet and into St James Park. Here I kind of did a lap and a half lap – over the bridge in the middle. It was surprisingly quiet in the park and I enjoyed a bit of space before coming out near Horse guards Parade and retracing my steps back to the hotel.

St James Park
St James Park
Horse Guards Parade
Horse Guards Parade
Royal Courts of Justice

A quick comment about my new watch that I have yet to write a review for… I have set up the Garmin Pay function and wasn’t sure if I’d like it or not. But I do! When I finished this run I stopped at the shop to buy breakfast before heading back into the hotel – but didn’t need to worry about carrying cash as I could pay with my watch (I also use it a lot for the tube).

I really enjoyed this run and I’m sure that I will do the route again another time I’m in the city.


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