January training… did it go to plan

Last year I’d set my target as 1000 miles for the year and missed it by a long, long way. This works out at about 83 miles a month. I’ve already said that I’d like to aim for this again. I don’t actually know if I can do it, life being very busy has impacted on my opportunities for long runs in particular, but I’m going to aim for it anyway.

So how is it going so far…

  • Total miles: 86.34m
  • Number of runs: 17
  • Average Pace: 10:12 min / mile
  • Races: 2

which means that I’m very pleased with the way the year has started!

What do I want to improve? There was only one run that was over 6 ish miles. I want to increase my long runs so I’m regularly doing over 9 miles, this will come as I’m not quite so busy on weekends.

I’ll aim to update on my progress on a monthly basis…


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