February training & Wokit review

I’m just about keeping up with my target! Although the miles run looks low, for a short month I don’t think this is too bad. I still want to try and increase the average miles per run (this month 4.59miles) – I think this will come with lighter nights and better weather!

  • Miles: 73.51
  • Number of runs: 16
  • Average Pace: 10:03 min / mile
  • Races: 1

I’ve had more running in London too. I very nearly didn’t go, but glad I did. I finished work sometime after 6pm, straight to my hotel to get changed and head back out. As it was dark I didn’t feel that I wanted to head down to the river so left the hotel and headed back down towards Buckingham Palace again (still find this amazing that is is part of my normal!), this time taking the road to the right and running towards Hyde Park corner. This is somewhere I’ve never been before so it was fun to explore, even if it was disconcerting that the bikes use the same crossings as pedestrians. I carried on along the side of Hyde Park for a little while before turning round and retracing my steps.

Hyde Park Corner

I’m looking forward to lighter nights and then I can maybe explore the actual park! Is it best to avoid running there in the dark or am I being over cautious?

When I’m away I have to find somewhere to eat my evening meal – invariably I go to one of a few pubs that are local, but that means I tend to eat not the healthiest of meals. And if I’ve gone for a run after work, by the time I’m back, showered, hair dried and ready to go back out it is getting too late to eat really (at least Wetherspoons serve till late!). But I’ve found a new takeaway venue! Wokit. I can be a bit of a picky eater, with one main issue being that I don’t like onions. This really causes a problem with many pre-made foods, so imagine my excitement when I found a place that does stir-fry to order, that you can customise and remove the onions!! Choose the carb (lots of versions of rice & noodles), add a protein, choose extra veg, sauce – then you can customise and remove the egg and the onions etc. Once you’ve created an account on the website you can save a card and order for collection at their Fleet Street store.

With great planning when I was out running, about 5 mins away from Wokit, I stopped, ordered, then ran the last five mins. Hot stir-fry was waiting for me, a few mins walk to the hotel allowed me to cool down and I was then tucking into a very delicious hot meal (whilst watching Masterchef). This meant I didn’t have to shower and then turn out again to eat, but that I could just have a relaxing rest of the evening. I had white rice, chicken, peppers & Teriyaki-Tamari sauce (no onions or egg!) This has been a great find for me, and I will definitely be getting food from here again (and even better when I found that I can get a discount with them through work).

Wokit Stir-Fry

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