A little bit of a catch up…

I’ve slacked a bit ! In posting on here and running… well April anyway. As I touched on in the last post I’d caught some kind of bug or cold – which came out as just a croaky voice and a cough… for seven weeks. Yes, seven weeks. I obviously cut back on my running but it didn’t seem to make any difference. But it’s gone now thankfully, and since I’ve been trying to make up some miles to get back on target for the year.

  • April Training
  • Miles: 56.34
  • Number of runs: 12
  • Average Pace: 09:33 min / mile
  • Races: 1
  • May Training
  • Miles: 84.84
  • Number of runs: 19
  • Average Pace: 09:43 min / mile
  • Races: 1

April’s race was the Bridlington Easter Dash – 5 miles on the cliff top at Sewerby. I normally quite enjoy this one, but it was just as I had started with this cough and the morning after a fainting incident on the train on the way home from London (first time I’ve ever fainted and it was scary). I really shouldn’t have run. But hey, stubbornness is a positive isn’t it!?

Bridlington Easter Dash

May’s race was the Humber Bridge 10k. It is an unusual race in that the majority of the route is on the bridge. We set off in the rain and I wasn’t feeling the love. It’s just over a mile before you start the ascent onto the bridge, and I have to say at this point I considered stopping, taking my number off and going back to the start, I was so close to quitting. But I didn’t and carried on over the bridge. The weather on the south side of the Humber was like a different season – gorgeous sunshine! Then back over the bridge and back into rain. I was actually pretty pleased with my run in the end, considering how rubbish I’d felt at the beginning.

Humber Bridge 10k

I’ve had some lovely runs recently when we’ve had a break in the weather and these are the ones that keep me going. Just a few pictures of recent runs…


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