London Adventures – Green Park

Finally getting round to sharing the ramblings that happen when you are stuck on the train!

I’m currently sat on a train, which has been diverted resulting in a delay in getting to the final destination of at least an hour. At least that gives me an opportunity to write about this morning’s run.

I was in London, staying over night for work and had planned to run on Monday evening. But on the day I didn’t leave the office till after 7pm and still had to check into the hotel. Add to that a tad warm temperature of high 20s and I decided to postpone to this morning.
Tuesday – a predicted high of 34 degrees. 6am alarm, out by 6.30am. Decided to head along the Strand towards the Mall and then I could head into Green Park where I was hoping it would be nice to run among the trees. It still surprises me how busy it is that early in the morning – you’d have thought I’d be used to it by now.

Green Park, London

Green Park is lovely! Though not very big so I ended up doing a few loops around the park exploring different paths. I liked being able to run under the trees, which did offer some shade as even this early it was very warm. Moving it was OK… stop… oh dear, It wasn’t so much perspiring gently, more like pouring! (anyone else like this? It doesn’t normally bother me too much but when it is dripping from your elbows !)

Green Park, London

Crossed the road in front of Buckingham Palace and headed diagonally across St James Park – I’d decided that heading towards embankment and running back that way may be slightly cooler than back the way I’d come. It might have been a little bit, and it’s nice to not run the same roads again. The whole time I’ve been a regular to London Big Ben has been covered in scaffolding. I’m looking forward to seeing it all come down.

Buckingham Palace, London

I ended up doing 5.5 miles. Average pace 09:38 min per mile – pretty happy with that considering how many times you have to cross roads / dodge people / bikes / stop to take pictures !

St James Park, London

When I got to work I was asked if I’d run last night, and said that I’d changed to this morning – it always surprises me how many people are shocked / impressed by morning workouts, I kind of think as long as you don’t start work ridiculously early that it is a great time to fit them in and I’m sure it makes me more productive during the day.

Now to plan the rest of the runs for the week – the weather forecast is incredibly hot, even for Yorkshire, so I’m wondering if swapping evening runs to morning ones is the way to go. What do you do when it’s hot – keep running? Change the time?


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