Training catch up & Walkington 10k

  • June Training
  • Miles: 100.34
  • Number of runs: 20
  • Average Pace: 09:38 min / mile
  • Races: 0
  • July Training
  • Miles: 86.39
  • Number of runs: 18
  • Average Pace: 09:36 min / mile
  • Races: 1 (Walkington)

Total Miles for 2019 so far = 579

Well I’m kind of on target for 1000 miles in the year. Although I definitely want to get a little bit ahead to makes sure that I’m not to worried about missing the odd run for holidays or whatever.

I wasn’t looking forward to the Walkington 10k, an evening road run on a hilly route. I don’t particularly like running in the evening, but I do like this course, I just wasn’t really feeling it at all. But then I had a cracking run. Ended up running all but the last mile more or less with my husband, overtook my son at about the half way mark (teenage legs will only get you so far if you don’t put the training in!) and was actually feeling really comfortable.

look at the hill in the background!

I finished with a chip time of 54:06 – 14/61 in my category. I was actually really pleased with this, and even more so when I looked up the previous results and found out that it was also a course PB! Just goes to show that you never know what you can do till you get out there.

The finish of Walkington 10k – pushing hard !

Other than that it has been fairly quiet – the warm weather has had an effect. It hasn’t stopped me running, but definitely not as long as I maybe would have been doing.

Oh, and we attended the new Beverley Westwood parkrun too. This is now the closest one to home so I’m sure we’ll be there fairly regularly. Despite the cows I enjoyed it.


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