August Training & the bad ones

August Training

  • Miles:  121.59
  • Number of runs: 20
  • Average Pace:  09:57 min / mile
  • Races: 0

Total Miles for 2019 so far = 701.17

121.59 miles. In one month.  Now to some people this won’t be anything unusual, but to me this is the most miles I’ve run in a month.  EVER. That was made up of 20 runs, so I’ve increased my average distance per run too. Mainly this is by ensuring that I get long runs done!  And I’ve actually enjoyed doing the longer runs, I think the satisfaction is great when you’ve done them.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t had bad runs.  The worst recently was Sunday 11th August. I’m sharing this as I feel that we don’t always share the bad stuff, and knowing that we each go through it hopefully makes us all realise that it is just part of the process.

My husband was joining friends and I was going to go to but backed out at the last minute when I worked out that the mileage was going to be much higher than I was comfortable with – and I did get some grief for this but I’m glad that I stuck with my gut instinct.  What that meant was that I was heading out on my own for a long run – the first time in ages that I’ve run long on my own. Now this doesn’t generally bother me, I actually like the time on my own! Because of the last minute I hadn’t really planned a route – now this does bother me.  I’d checked with the teenager if he could come and pick me up at some point and off I went. I quickly decided on a kind of circular route, with the idea that if I couldn’t get all the way he’d come and get me.

Food and drink.  Recurring theme, I don’t drink enough when running (I drink loads the rest of the time) and I wonder if this and food is the issue that is causing me to feel really ill after runs.  Hence the decision to sip water at least every time my watch buzzed another mile and to have a nibble of a Nakd bar every mile and a half or so from about 5 miles. And I did more or less stick to this.

But my head went down.  It was a difficult day anyway, the birthday of a late family member, but it wasn’t just that, just wasn’t in a good place.  At about 9 miles or so I was sat at the side of a canal having a breather and burst into tears. I so very nearly rang for my lift at this point but knew that I’d then be cross with myself to add on to everything else.  So I got up, wiped my eyes and set off again. Down the worst bit of road I’ve run on ever, and I won’t ever repeat that stretch again. I did another few miles before admitting I’d had enough and ringing to be picked up.  But I’d managed nearly 13 miles. Was it good? No. Am I glad I did it? Yes.  

And the really good thing…  the bad runs make the good runs even sweeter!  


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