2019 Goals update

Two months to go. This is the second year that I’ve aimed to complete 1000 miles (last year I was way under after being injured), so am I on track? is it doable? is life getting in the way?

September Training

  • Miles: 74.65
  • Number of runs: 16
  • Average Pace: 09:35 min / mile
  • Races: 3

October Training

  • Miles: 87.27
  • Number of runs: 17
  • Average Pace: 10.00 min / mile
  • Races: 2

Total Miles for 2019 so far = 863.09 miles

Cooling the legs after a sunny autumn run!

It’s looking good! I am on holiday for 9 days in November, and although I’ll be running when away, it might not be much, added to my usual time spent in London for work I still need to be mindful of getting the miles in. We are hoping to try and get a few longer weekend runs in which will really help.

Although my average pace is slower for October, I’m actually really pleased with some runs where I’ve managed to get a bit quicker than of late. I have to say that my legs have felt very tired at times from doing quote a few races in a short space of time. I’m trying to concentrate on my form and when it works I seem to run faster – bonus!

Although we aren’t at the end of the year just yet, I am thinking about targets / goals for next year… I don’t think I’ll set myself an overall mileage target, maybe pace based. Have you decided on any targets yet?

Lovey sunny, but chilly Sunday run.
Last day of October – running at sunrise

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