2020 Training Plan

Have we all settled into the new year routines yet? No chance for me! It was the same this time last year, both of us away with work several times, a couple of weekends away already and I may have decided to strip out the downstairs loo so evenings have been spent plumbing and tiling! (I know, just after Christmas is never a good time to do this kind of thing, but there will never be a good time and I’m a bit impatient and once I get an idea I just want to get on with it…)

I have just downloaded a half marathon training plan, hoping that a bit of structure will help me train more efficiently even when I’m missing club sessions during the week. Starting it properly this week though the races I’ve got booked will have to fit into it so I won’t be following it exactly. This weeks plan is:

  • Tuesday – 40 mins easy
  • Wednesday – 30 mins tempo
  • Friday – 30 mins interval
  • Saturday – parkun am, plus Dalby No Ego night run (about 5 miles)

I have started getting my younger dog running on the harness again and am hoping he’ll join me more often and I can build up his distance (my older dog hasn’t been great and I’ve finally admitted that he won’t run with me again – he’s on pain meds now for his hips but don’t think it would be a good idea to push him too much). Here’s a cute video of Jake on the harness.

Jake getting used to his harness

And I have to mention the weather!  We have finally had some sunny frosty mornings, rather than just grey and damp.  These photos were taken on a morning dog walk rather than a run but it was just beautiful.  Hope we get more of this type of day!


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