Why I run early

I posted last week the beginning of a training plan. It’s been a while since I last followed a structured plan and with lots going on in life I knew it was going to be a challenge. But… I’ve completed the first week. The only change was to swap the interval run to a steady run on Friday. I’d actually pushed a bit on the Tuesday run so happy to change it.
The plan I’m following has Monday, Thursday and Saturdays as rest days. I’ll definitely move rest days around depending on other plans and Saturday is always parkrun day – sometimes that will be an extra run, sometimes it’ll replace one of the week day runs.

The plan for week 2 has been:

  • Tuesday – 30 min easy
  • Wednesday – 30 min tempo
  • Friday – 30 min easy
  • Saturday – parkrun
  • Sunday – XC race (about 5 ish miles)

I’ve changed it about a bit to fit in with life! Wednesday’s run was moved to Thursday. And Friday’s will be missed. But that’s fine as parkrun is an extra run I’ve added to the plan anyway, so I’m still getting the required miles in.

Oh, and Tuesday and Thursday runs were more miles than planned – Tues club run 5.5 miles tempo. Thurs 4 miles early morning run with the dog which ended up being the best ever run we’ve had on the harness and being fab negative splits and turned into a bit of a tempo run to.

Very happy with the pacing of this run !

And I have to share this picture. This is why it is worth getting out of bed to go for an early run.

Frosty sunrise run – perfect East Yorkshire

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