Meet Slob

I am VERY excited to share our new purchase.

Last year every trip that we had planned for running meant that we camped. I don’t mind camping, and we’d bought a tent off a friend and had everything that we needed.


My husband really isn’t keen. And I can’t say that he hasn’t given it a go. Including camping in October, in the pouring rain and cold damp nights. So I can’t really blame him for not being particularly keen to repeat it all again this year.

We had discussed a caravan. My husband used to be a caravanner. Said he’d never buy another, but then thought it wasn’t such a bad idea. My issue was that I didn’t want it parked on the drive at home.

Realise I haven’t explained why we haven’t really looked at hotels / B&Bs etc… Quite a few of the trips we’ve done have been with friends, long weekend away, with parkrun on the Saturday morning, 15k ish trail run in the afternoon, dinner and a few drinks Saturday night. This makes for a fab weekend and is something I’ve really enjoyed (this coming from someone who hasn’t done that many weekends away with friends in the past!). The friends we go with have either caravans or campervans and it is nice to all be on the same site and there isn’t always a hotel nearby!

So then we started to think about a van.

And then we saw this one.

And now we are really excited!

We are planning 3 x half marathons in the Yorkshire Dales and 2 15k Lakeland Trail runs in the Lake District. That means five trips away in the van already. It comes with an awning so if the teenager decides to join us there is somewhere for him to sleep too.

We bought this van from a lovely couple in Rotherham, and they have looked after the van so well, it is immaculate! When we went to pick up the van they’ve included LOTS of extra bits and pieces – we think we are so lucky and can’t wait to get out and about.

Hope you look forward to the first report of a weekend away (April).

Any hints and tips from other campervanners??!

(If anyone is wondering why the nickname Slob….. we have a habit of making things up with the letters in number plates and that is what this one became.)


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