Half way through half marathon plan

It has been a couple of weeks since I posted about how the half marathon training was going (not great at the time!), so I thought an update would be a good idea. I’ve added the total weekly planned, and achieved mileage from week 1, so that you can see where I am overall.

Weeks 1-6 of half marathon training

I’m now half way through the plan and I should have covered 93 miles.
I have done 100.6 miles. So does that mean I’ve pretty much caught up??
I don’t really do any cross training apart from walking, but cover at least 6 miles a week walking the dogs. I find this really helps if I’m a bit achy from a hard run.

We decided on a local trip out on Sunday for our long run, plus a chance to test the new van. Packed some soup and homemade banana bread for lunch and we headed off to Flamborough. Parked at the lighthouse and ran up the coast to Bempton Cliffs and back. It was tough as it was windy, but as these photo’s show it is a lovely place to be.


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