The day my toenail fell off

Does that now make me a proper runner?

I think that it started with my trail shoes last year, the nail on my second toe seemed a bit funny. Fast forward to now and a few soaks in the hot tub that we’ve just got out has meant that it has finally come off completely. Now I just have to wait for the little bit of nail underneath to grow and not look so weird! (Please note that I have had to really try hard to not post a picture of this.)

How are we all coping with the CV-19 restrictions? I’ve now been furloughed from work, so am in the weird position of not working for the first time in a long time. However the first few days have been spent catching up on some housework and doing jobs in the garden – which is also pretty much how we are spending our weekends too (re-felting shed & gazebo roof, dismantling a greenhouse, painting…).

Running – well I am still running. I’m getting out several times a week for my allowed exercise, though the furthest run is about 7 miles. I’d like to run further, but I just don’t think with the restrictions in place we should be out for hours and hours (even in rural areas where we don’t see many people). We have close family with serious health conditions and it is really tough at the moment not being able to see them, hug them, reassure them. We need to do as we are asked and hope that we get through this as soon as we can with our health. I’ve carried on doing more running with the dog too, so his fitness is definitely benefiting from the situation!

Frosty morning run with Jake

I’m still getting up for my early morning runs because I find it so much easier to run first thing. I’m rewarded by some gorgeous mornings. With all that is going on I’m trying to be grateful for the things around me that are good, to take the time to appreciate the simple things and what I have around me. Watching the barn owl on his early morning hunt, the hares chasing across the field, the frosty sunrise, the toad that is hiding under the path in the garden. We are really lucky that even though we are pretty much on lock down, we have a lovely garden (that needs lots doing!) to keep us busy and next week I plan on starting to decorate. As long as I’ve got the stuff to do it with, I’ll keep doing the jobs.

We had our first trip away in our new camper van planned for next week. Obviously that isn’t going to happen so on Good Friday we decided that if we couldn’t go away, we’d camp in the garden… and we did! We had a pretty good night’s sleep – despite pouring rain at 4 am. I am regularly awake in the night so that is nothing different to usual, and I actually like listening to rain on a tent / vehicle. Next thing is to try out the awning (and plan for some great trips away when we can).

Camping in the garden!
Cool dude Jake

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