Trying to keep on track and focused

How is it already May? Even though we are living in a weird and scary world at the moment, the weeks still seem to be passing quickly.

This is how the training looks for the first four months of the year:

I’m pretty pleased with how things are going! Because of lockdown (and being furloughed) I am running with my dog much more than normal. This is helping increase my pace and I’m really enjoying the time with him. We have been looking at the rescheduled races and what I’d like to do is restart the 12 week half marathon plan that I was following ready for the first race in September. I know nothing is certain, but I just need to work towards something, if they get cancelled again well so be it.

Target race – Burnsall Half Marathon 5th September. This is a trail race, with lots of hills!
Training plan start date – 15th June.

I have got six weeks before the plan starts, and in that time I’m going to focus on pace, trying to push myself to faster runs. I’d like to keep a longer run of between 6-8 miles in each week to keep the base fitness there ready to start building on. Wish me luck!

I’ve also been looking at kit (whilst trying not to spend lol). I’d like some new shorts. I keep coming back to Fabletics or Sweaty Betty. Both pricey, and the subscription thing on fabletics puts me off (I’ve even looked to see if I can find any on ebay and can’t). I like tight shorts, not tiny ones, but don’t want them down to my knee either. I like these 7” ones and these 7.5” ones. I’m not bothered about a waist pocket, but would love pockets on the side of the leg.

Does anyone have any suggestions, or can you recommend the Fabletics or Sweaty Betty ones?


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