Beach run in the sunshine

After spending quite a few weeks only running from home we welcomed the freedom to drive a short distance to run on slightly different routes. However, I still wasn’t comfortable going far hence we chose to just go ten minutes down the road to near a village called Ulrome. We had an issue right at the beginning of the run where we couldn’t find a footpath and ended up going a slightly longer way round. What we should have done was go directly across the middle of the crop field (no path visible), at least we know for next time.

Route map from Ulrome (you can see where we had to double back due to not finding the path).

Most of this run was off road – either on tracks or on the beach (the worst bit was on the edge of a sandy field that just killed your calves!) and it was glorious. We saw very, very few people and those we did see were nowhere near us. Perfect with the situation at the moment.

Miles run = 8.6


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