Run around Rise

Another weekend, another run. Again we didn’t want to drive far away from home, we wanted to avoid other people as much as possible, and we wanted to be off road.

Ten minutes drive in the opposite direction to last week and we parked outside the tiny village of Arnold. We set off up the road to Long Riston and then picked up the public footpaths. We didn’t see many people in the village but I was still glad to be away from houses. We’ve been lucky with the weather recently and today wasn’t any different – sunshine and green fields – what could be better?

Route map, starting at Arnold and circling Rise.

I’m trying on these long slow runs to improve my fluid and fuel intake hence from three miles, every time the watch beeped another mile we walked to have a couple of sweets / bite of flapjack and a drink of water. I’m hoping practise makes perfect!

Miles run = 11


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