Dealing with injury

25 days ago I fell, injuring my quad and giving myself a few bruises.

I have been trying to build strength and stretch my quad, building up to being able to put my full weight on the leg and managing some squats. Walking is getting better though not quite back to normal. It’s not exactly painful, but uncomfortable, feels tight and twingy (is that a word?!).

Three days ago I dared to try a run. Decided to go out and walk to warm up and try some short, slow running intervals. It wasn’t fun.

On the first run I nearly burst into tears, didn’t run more than about 20 mtrs and thought I was going to have to turn around and walk straight back home. But I didn’t, and it got a little better as I carried on. Covered a couple of miles, probably more walking than running but at least I was out.

Two days later I went again. Decided to do a bit off road – on pretty smooth paths, but thought it might be less impact that tarmac. Still not feeling happy, had a rant to the postman whilst out (luckily I know him!) which in a weird way helped get some of the frustration out and covered just over two miles.

I have been questioned if I should be running yet. The truth is I have no idea. I obviously can’t get to a physio at the moment so I just have to do what seems best. I’d decided if I tried to run and it was much worse afterwards then I should wait a while before going again, if it didn’t make it worse then I was Ok to keep gently trying. My husband kindly agreed to massage the quad the night after the second run and I think this helped. He says there is a big knotty area which is presumably scar tissue. I’m hoping I can persuade him to regularly massage to get rid of the knots!

Third run was this morning. Happy to say that it was slightly more comfortable but still being careful and sticking to a walk / run routine. I covered just over 2.5 miles. I’m also using ice after each run, just to try and prevent any inflammation as I start to use it more. Heat therapy comes in the form of the hot tub several times a week!

I’m feeling really frustrated about not being able to get out and run, which seems to affect my motivation for everything else. But I’m trying (really hard!) to be patient and know that I need to build it slowly back to strength.

Fingers crossed it keeps heading in the right direction.

This is what was on the greenhouse step when I got back home.

Little frog in the garden

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