N. Yorks adventures Day 2

Day 2. The run that was more of a walk – Low Laithe to Brimham Rocks.

Since upgrading to the OS Maps premium service I’ve been exploring the sites and the routes that are already on there. This was one that I had found in the area we were staying. I’ve been to Brimham Rocks before, but Steve hasn’t so thought it would be a nice one to do. We were leaving the campsite so packed up and headed off. The site was lovely but we probably won’t go back – simply because it was too big for us, we would prefer the tiny sites or wild camping.

It didn’t start well… I’d looked beforehand regarding parking in Low Laithe, and could see it was on street parking or the pub. We stopped at the pub but were told that we couldn’t park there, and judging by some of the signs on house fences, residents didn’t invite parking on the street either. I know this is a difficult one, we could legally park on the street but didn’t want to upset anyone so in the end decided to drive on and try and find somewhere else to park. We did eventually, on a back road, on a verge wide enough to get off the road and not blocking any access. It was close to a footpath that would join the route we were supposed to be doing.

Early on in the run there was a small, but gorgeous woodland – just the place you’d imagine a fairy glen to be! The problem with this route was how runnable it is. It isn’t. And quite a few of the paths aren’t clear (and we aren’t bad at map reading!). Brimham Rocks were heaving with people, so we had an explore then tried to find the path out – it took us ages and we were getting quite fed up (we never did find a sign post). Finally felt like we were making a bit of progress when we lost the path again – luckily a friendly lady at a farm (who most likely is fed up of people not being able to find the path!) pointed us in the right direction. The last part of the run was through a woodland and old quarry – again, lovely, but not runnable!

After the run we had a drive to explore our options for the next day before finding a lovely little Forestry Commission car park to settle in for the night. The view from here was stunning!


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