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It’s been a few weeks since the not very good half marathon and I think the best way to describe them would be up and down. I’ve been running, I’ve got my bike out once or twice, I’ve been doing the weights… but emotionally I’ve been very up and down. I don’t know if it is due to what is going on with COVID or just that I am feeling that way out at the moment, but just pushing on through and hopefully will come out of it soon.

How much rest do you take after a half marathon?
I know this is going to be really individual, depending on how much training you do and over what distances, but I’m wondering if I am giving myself enough rest (I don’t necessarily feel that I need more). I ran the half on the Saturday, complete rest day Sunday and the following week ran Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun; weights on Tues & Sat; 5 miles bike on Sat. So Thursday was my rest day of the week.

I’m feeling like the work with weights is starting to pay off, feeling a little stronger running and a bit of pace is coming back – pushed on one run and managed a 5k @ 08:47 min / mile pace. I’ve managed to lose about half a stone, now stuck for nearly two weeks with no loss, but I will keep sticking to it and hopefully will see some movement soon. How many weights sessions do you do a week? This is all new to me so not sure what the optimum is.

New shoes!! The weekend after the half marathon we wanted a run, not too long, off road, fairly close to home. It had to be off road as my new trail shoes had arrived and I wanted to try them out. I found a route that we hadn’t done before, only ten minutes drive from home and it was great. We weren’t rushing or wanting to push the pace, it was all about just enjoying being out. The route took us around and across numerous arable fields (including crossways across potato ridges and running through corn that was taller than I am – those bits were fun!), a tiny bit of road, with just the last part going through stock fields. These were currently empty, but if cows appear there is a way round on the road instead. We will definitely come back and do this route again.

Playing on the straw bales

And the shoes? They were good. I will do a proper review of these after I’ve worn them a few more times, but so far so good for the Saucony Peregrines.

New Saucony Peregrine

I’ve got out for a couple of early runs in the last couple of weeks and both were really good runs. Just such a good way to start the day, feel alive, be grateful for being able to be out there and see the sunrise and the start of a beautiful day. It just lifts the spirits.

Early morning running

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