Saucony Peregrine 10 Review


Saucony Peregrine 10 – AW20

My very first pair of proper running shoes were trail shoes as when I started running I ran the vast majority off road. That first pair were Saucony Peregrines and I wore them for years before finally admitting that they weren’t really OK anymore. Since then I’ve had a few different pairs (Innovates, different Sauconys & Karrimor) but have never really been happy with them. A year or so ago I was going to buy some new Saucony trails, tried on the ISO fit which was the style at the time and really didn’t like them, yet again put off buying so just made do with the ones I had.

Earlier this year I bought some new Saucony Guide road shoes and saw that they had gone back to Formfit rather than ISO and my interest was there again. Lets face it, with the year as it has been we haven’t had much chance to get out and visit running shops to try shoes on to find a different pair!

Finally made the decision to buy them and waited (impatiently) for the postman to bring them to me.

For those who want to confidently explore off-road, the versatile Peregrine 10 is a grippy, protective trail shoe with cushioning that’s just right for uphill responsiveness and downhill forgiveness.”

First run was an easy paced 6 ish miles. I don’t know if it sounds daft but I get kind of anxious when I get new shoes – I’m so desperate for them to be ‘right’. My husband and I also have this thing if one of us is running in new shoes for the first time, you don’t ask if they are OK until pretty much the end of the run. The run tested them across lots of different surfaces – grass, a little bit of mud, sandy fields, chalky fields, stony tracks and a little bit of road. I’ve been out and done a 10 miler in them now, and they are OK (such a relief!).

I was looking for a shoe that gave me more cushioning as quite often I find myself on stony tracks and the trails I have been wearing had very little cushioning and I’d feel every single stone I stood on which made my feet sore. I also think it made me less confident when running, waiting for it to hurt.

These peregrines have decent lugs which I feel will hold me steady in mud (haven’t had chance to really try them in lots of mud yet) and the cushioning is there which gives a much more comfortable run when there are stony or road sections. Really important to me as it is rare that a run is completely off road.

They have an elasticated lace loop – I really like this as it is easier than trying to tuck the ends under the tight bits of lace, however I think that it could do to be smaller / tighter to hold the laces more securely. There is also a small d ring on the top of the shoe to attach a gaiter if you need to (might be useful to attach timing chips?!).

I really hope that these are going to be a good shoe, that I’ll be as happy with as the first pair I had many years ago. The initial signs are definitely positive and I’m not disappointed at all. The colour is nice (not particularly girly, but hopefully good at hiding just how mucky they are).

I bought these from Sports Shoes – £114.99.

Saucony Peregrine AW20

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