Good day, bad days, busy days

How are things?

Things seem to have got more serious again the last few weeks, with the introduction of the new tier system and some areas entering the highest tier. As I’m in Yorkshire in the north of England, we seem to be experiencing this wave worse than last time. As things stand, we are still in tier 1 – but I do support the restrictions, anything to bring this under control.

I’ve still been running and working out. In fact I realised that I’d had no rest days between the 10th and the 24th Oct – either running, strength training or biking every day. As I currently don’t have a job I’m also trying to get things done at home whilst I have the time, which meant that this week was spent decorating the lounge. Only painting the walls, so not too strenuous, but I can definitely feel it! I’m presuming up and down off the step to reach the top of the walls is what is making my glutes sore anyway.

The last couple of weeks training has consisted of:

  • M: 5 mile easy run
  • T: 55 min weights workout
  • W: interval run – 10min warm up, 5 x 0.25mile hard, 90sec recovery, 10min cool down
  • T: 35 mins weights
  • F: 5 mile easy run
  • S: 7.6 mile bike ride
  • S: 5.6 mile steady run
  • M: interval run – 10min warm up, 4 x 1k @ 10k pace, 90sec recovery, 10min cool down
  • T: 40 min weights
  • W: 3.22 mile steady run (dog assisted!)
  • T: 25 mins weights
  • F: Threshold run – 10min warm up, 2 x 2k @ threshold pace, 3min recovery, 10min cool down
  • S: REST DAY!!
  • S: Planned 5.5 mile steady run

I’m enjoying the challenge of the interval and threshold runs that I’ve just reintroduced and have a plan to carry on doing them for a couple of months to try and increase my short distance pace. Now I need to keep the motivation to do them. My head has gone down a bit the last few weeks, probably getting used to not working and the frustrating place that the job market currently is, coupled with the weather turning very autumnal – even wintery at times – and the very obvious Covid issues that definitely make me anxious. Physical activity really helps me deal with all of this, I feel better if I’ve been out for a run / done some weights, or even just got out for a walk with the dog.

How do you deal with these days? My worst day recently, was supposed to be a run day but I got up and didn’t go, just got on with decorating instead. Problem is I then beat myself up for not going because I didn’t really have a reason. Husband text me mid morning asking how my run had gone. My reply ‘didn’t go’. He rang me. It is really unusual for me to not go on a planned run so he was very surprised and a little concerned. I ended up asking if he wanted to run after work and we’d go together, and that is what we did, persuading the dog to join us too. Turned out to be my first evening run since probably March (I don’t really like running in the evening, much prefer mornings) and it definitely helped lift my mood.


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