A change of routine

It has been a busy but good few weeks, both running and life. I’m very grateful that this has been the case and know that isn’t the same for lots of people.

I am still following the plan, and am currently on week 8, which is supposed to be the last week. However I have added in an extra week next week with some extra sessions. I haven’t done as many weights sessions as I would like to recently, so this is where I need to focus on over the coming weeks.

My routine has changed, and with that I needed to work out how to fit everything in that I want to do. The reason my routine has had to change… I have a new job! After being furloughed and then eventually made redundant back in August I had been applying for roles and to be honest getting quite disheartened by the lack of response. This is one reason why I’d started the new training plan – I needed a focus and to feel like I was achieving something. I had started to wonder if I needed to widen the type of role I was going for, but am pleased that I stuck it out and have secured a 12 mth contract with a great organisation in my preferred role of digital project manager.

Even while not working I was still getting up at a reasonable time everyday, but maybe feeding the dogs and then running so not super early. I’m now back to getting up early enough to complete my session and have time to shower etc before starting work at 9am. I’m really pleased that not only have I managed to get out and run short runs, I’ve even managed to fit in my hour long sessions before work. And it really sets me up for the day! This morning was a threshold session – ten mins warm up, 2 x 15 min threshold with 3 min recovery, ten min cool down. I didn’t quite do the full cool down as I was back home but the rest was completed.

This does mean running when it is very dark. And we’ve also had a few very foggy days which can be extra eerie in the dark! I do wear head torch and a vest / bib thing that is reflective and has lights front and back, along with my reflective leggings (if they’ve been through the wash – maybe I need another pair…!) as I’m often on lanes with no footpaths and I’d like to be seen very easily by any drivers.

I do think it takes a bit of time to adapt to running in the dark again, then you kind of get used to it. I had my headphones in this morning listening to the Mid Point podcast to distract me from the run.

The photos are of my recent runs with the Garmin stats, showing the changing light I’ve been running in. I’ll update on the training plan progress soon.

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