2020 A running year in review

This time last year I’d set four aims for 2020 (you can read the post here), they were:

  • Long runs – increase the length of comfortable long runs
  • Weight – get rid of it
  • Pace – get quicker
  • Upper body strength – improve

I have achieved each of these to some extent – the weight one is not fully sorted yet! I think the most successful is the upper body strength improvement. Sticking to a two or three times a week weights workout routine has really helped me. I hope this will continue and need to incorporate this into normal working life. I’m really feeling in a pretty good place with my running at the moment – even though I struggle to say that.

As you know I like data, so here are the details for running in 2020:

2020 summary

Less miles than 2019 but taking into account I lost a lot of miles in June and July due to a fall and the injury it caused I am pretty pleased with how many miles / runs I’ve done.

So what do I hope from 2021?

  • I want to explore more in the UK – running and walking, getting away in the campervan, spending time with the husband, just being, taking in the space around us, making memories.
  • I will get my 5k PB. And I’d love for that to be a sub 25 minute time.

I’ve been thinking if I want to set any more goals and do you know what, I don’t think I do. I just want to feel a bit happier with the world, for those around me to be OK. Running is a big part of me coping with what life throws at me, it really is my stress relief. So just being able to run, being grateful to be able to get out there – that is my main goal.


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