January 2021 training

I haven’t done a monthly training summary for quite some time, and thought that January was a good time to start. It’s been quite a good month really, even though I had one very bad week in the middle.

  • Miles: 87.14
  • No of runs: 16
  • Strength sessions: 7

There have been lots of early morning frosty and icy runs, a few longer off road runs on a weekend and lots and lots of road running around the village. I’m definitely missing being able to go a bit further afield and meet up with others for relaxed weekend running.

Weekend long run on a beautiful frosty but sunny day.

I’m aiming to do a minimum of two strength sessions each week (at the moment following Bodyfit by Amy on youtube) using the dumbbells I have at home, plus the new kettlebell I have just aquired. There was only one week that I didn’t manage two sessions, and it is a lot better than I did in December so I’m taking that as a win!

I feel it has been a really good start to the year, the only niggles being ongoing – a tight right calf (helped by a massage a few days ago – need to keep that up) and pain sometimes in my right shoulder which I’ve self diagnosed as something to do with the rotator cuff.

Frosty morning sunrise.

January has been dry – unfortunately only in the drinking sense and not the weather. I can’t say I’ve really felt any difference, but I’m sure it has done me good to have a break from wine / gin.

Hope you are managing to get out and run when you want to.

The mornings are starting to get lighter.
My gorgeous boy, just starting to run with me again after a small op.


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