LED Lenser NEO10R Head Torch Review

Back in January 2020, we headed to the running show at Birmingham where I made a few purchases. One of them was a LED Lenser Head Torch. I’d gone to the show planning to make this purchase as my husband had bought one the year before and it was fab.

It is quite a lot of money to spend on a head torch, I’ve probably only ever spent up to about £25 before, but I’ve also never really been happy with my purchases before. I’ve used various different head torches and a chest torch. The problems I was having were lights not bright enough, hurting my head and not being able to point it in a specific direction (chest light).

The specs:
The NEO10R is a top performer of the NEO series, the head torch is focusable, and has a swivel-head to light up any path you head down. Wherever your route may take you, the NEO10R is the perfect guide. It features a focusable, swivel head that can be adjusted in order to provide constant illumination with Constant Current Mode right to the end of your run. The battery case is removable when necessary and it features a red, blinking rear light to ensure you’re seen in the dark. The head torch also comes with a chest strap for group running.

  • Lumens: Max: 600, Min: 10
  • Beam Distance: Max: 150m, Min: 20m
  • Burn Time: Max: 120h, Min: 10h

What do I think of this torch?

I’ve used the torch a lot – Nighttime off-road forest races (No Ego Dalby Forest) where you are dealing with everything the forest can throw at you and a bright light REALLY helps. Wintertime road running and lots of walking in the dark. We live in a small village with sparse street lights and once outside the village no lights at all, so a torch is a necessity in winter.

I love it! I was worried that the battery pack at the back looked quite large and would be uncomfortable, but it really isn’t. It is the first head torch that I have tried that doesn’t hurt my head after a while of wearing (I tend to wear a buff and put the torch on top).

I love the fact that it is rechargeable so I don’t need to worry about replacing batteries. It has never run out whilst on a run and has a warning flash when the battery is getting low so that you know you need to put it on charge for next time.

It is very bright and you can change the angle that it is shining, you can also change the beam angle (from narrow to wide) or have it on a lower setting. It means that you can see really well, even off-road, and also that other road users can see you from a long way off.

It does also come with an adaptor to change it into a chest torch though I’ve never used it.

I think I paid £80 for mine, and even though I think that is a lot to spend on a head torch for a non-competitive runner it has been worth every penny. I feel safer knowing that I can see the ground in front of me clearer and that others can see me easily.

I would love to have a storage case for it – like a hard sunglasses case. Not particularly for when running from home, but when out at races or away in the campervan I’m worried it will get damaged in a bag.

This is the torch that I have:


Wearing the LED Lenser headtorch on a run

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