How 2021 is running so far

Here we are already in the middle of April. Things are looking a little more positive at long last. It’s been a long time since I have updated on here and I’ve been trying to work out why. It isn’t because I forget about it – lots of time I think about what I want to write, things to discuss, highs and lows to share – but more that I feel a bit despondent and that it is pointless. I’m sure lots of people are feeling a bit like this at the moment, even in normal years this part of the year can be a bit of a drag waiting for the lighter and warmer weather.

I’m writing this sitting in the garden, in the sunshine. I’ve even got shorts on (my legs need every bit of sun they can get)! Taking my lunch break from work and rather than stay inside I decided it was warm enough to go out. I quite like when the weather is like this – cold and frosty first thing, but actually really nice in the middle of the day.

Running…. It’s actually going quite well. And by that I don’t mean PBs of time or distance, I mean consistency. I’m running four times a week, every week, and I’m enjoying it (for the most part). I’ve missed having the long weekend runs with my husband as he has been out injured for a month or so, I’ve still gone, but not done as far as maybe we would have done.

In just less than a month we have the first event of the year – the Lakeland Trails Staveley 18k, followed two weeks later with Due North’s Kettlewell Half Marathon. Both trail runs, both very hilly, hopefully both good fun. I’m feeling a little under trained, but have a long run planned this weekend to boost the confidence a little and then I just need to hope for the best on the day.

I haven’t been able to run with my dog for quite some time and I’m really missing his company and the shared experience of heading out on the trails with him. It started last year when a cyst burst – in a bad spot for his harness. Eventually had a minor op in January to remove the cyst and I was full of hope that within a few weeks we’d be back out. Not to be. It seems he has had a reaction to the deep stitches used, and despite trying we just couldn’t get it to heal properly. Hence he was back in surgery last weekend to have the wound opened back up, cleaned out and reclosed. Fingers crossed it is looking good at the moment!

We also want to get away in the campervan! The plan is as soon as the pup has his stitches out (and therefore doesn’t need to wear the dreaded cone) we are going to have a test night away to see if he will settle in the van with us. We haven’t done this before as when we had both dogs there just wouldn’t have been enough room and our old dog wouldn’t have been able to keep up with walks during the day (and you can’t leave them in the vehicle). He loves being with us so I’m really hoping he loves it meaning we can often have nights away to explore without having to worry about sorting out a dog sitter – watch this space!

Strength sessions have suffered recently and I know I really need to get back to them. That said, we’ve been doing quite a lot in the garden including taking up patio / concrete – imagine lots of weighted squats !! It all helps.

Training update:

  • January:
  • Miles: 87.14
  • No of runs: 16
  • February:
  • Miles: 75.81
  • No of runs: 16
  • March:
  • Miles: 83.18
  • No of runs: 17

I’m really pleased with where I am mileage / number of runs wise and really hope that I can keep that up as the year goes on.

There have been some gorgeous runs recently, particular as the weather has improved and I’m looking forward to being able to travel further and be back on the trails.


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