April training update – 100+ miles

Another quiet month, no events obviously and no travelling very far from home. It’s been a good month for running though – a few longer runs in there, a few off road runs, some runs with friends and really good consistency in 4 or 5 runs a week.

Training update:

  • April:
  • Miles: 104
  • No of runs: 20

Haven’t been good at strength training… ie I haven’t done any! I have taken up a patio, broken up and lifted the concrete base (and filled / emptied a trailer several times with said concrete!), and quite a lot of other physical outside work – you’d have thought this would count for something, but I’m not sure.

I’ve enjoyed the sun in April, loved been back out in shorts and t-shirt feeling the warmth (not loving the wetter, colder May), developed a very rosy face after one run which has prompted the purchase of sun cream (Gruum – seems really good and not at all sticky) and am being really good and using it regularly which I’m not very good about normally.

Still haven’t been back running with the pup following his surgery early in the month – I wanted to make sure that the wound had healed really well before using his harness again. I’ve missed his company so much – more than I thought I would. But all is looking good so May will be the month of his return.

Events are actually happening in May, look out for Lakeland Trail and Due North race reports soon!


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