Running after Covid

I didn’t have covid particularly badly, in fact I’d say it was pretty mild. But the effects, particularly for running, have been long lasting. I do feel like I’m making progress now, but it has been frustrating!

Covid in November 21, just about managed to pick up running a little bit in January – still no further than 3 miles, but I was at least getting out the door consistently – but then got a bad cold in February (tested negative for covid, but I still wonder if it actually was). It seemed to knock me back again and my heart rate was high when running and it was just really hard work.

I focused on running three times a week initially – 3 mile walk / run, then started to push one run a week a little bit longer and I’ve recently gone back to running club for the track and hill sessions. It is coming back, but by gosh it is hard work regaining the fitness that I’ve lost. I don’t know if it is all covid related, or if there is thyroid flare / peri menopause to blame too, but whatever, it’s a battle. Apart from the running issues, I’m really struggling with sleep which then just makes everything else feel worse.

But…! The effort is paying off. I’ve done a few longer runs where I’ve had moments of feeling strong, and those moments are what is giving me motivation to keep pushing. I want to get back to where I was. I’m terrified of having another set back, trying to keep well, but that is mainly luck. I’ve had a couple of sub 30 parkruns and I’m aiming to get that to feel a bit more comfortable. I love the warmer weather – I run much better when the sun is shining, fingers crossed that will help me over the next few months.

My gorgeous companion
The view from the van where we parked up one night
Parkrun with friends
Enjoying some time away walking
Getting back to some long runs

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  1. I had COVID in February and though it wasn’t bad the impact it’s had on my overall fitness is insane. I have hideous sweats, high HR and really bad finger/toe swelling, when you wouldn’t expect it. It is getting better, but it has been a slog and a half. Keeping at it has been crucial and I am running long, though it’s really slow paced. Hope you feel better soon Sx


    1. You experience sounds so similar! I am starting to see some improvements, but it really is frustrating. Hope things get better for you too x


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