About this runner…..

A few years ago, in my early thirties I realised that I needed to lose a bit of weight and get fit.  I wanted to do something for ME.  I had a young ish son, a marriage that was very much on the rocks, two dogs and I work from home.  Time and money poor!  So I needed something that fitted in with all of that.

Why running?  Well, I saw the 5k training plan on Netmums.com and I decided that instead of walking the dogs I could run with them – that meant that I didn’t have to find any extra time in an already busy day.  But there was a problem.  I had never been a runner.  I’ve done various physical activities such as horse riding and I’ve always done quite a lot of walking, but I’d never been able to run – even at school.

Well the first session (run 1 min, walk 3 min and repeat) wow, that was hard!  But I did it.  The plan took me a bit longer than the weeks it should have done but I was in no rush.  But then I found a point where running helped me – not just physically, but emotionally.

The last few years has seen:

  • Being forced to move house when my ex had an affair and wouldn’t move out and then the following divorce.
  • The death from cancer of two close family members and now the fight my dad is having against this cruel disease.
  • My son being bitten by a dog and having surgery on his ear.
  • Moving house again!

And I don’t know where I’d be without my running – I’ve cried and run, I’ve laughed and run, but it has helped me deal with all of this **** that is going on in my life.

So here I am, a few years down the line, hopefully in a better place, and still running and I own more running gear than ‘going out’ clothes.  Running means that hopefully I can drink the wine and eat the chocolate I like so much, whilst trying to keep healthy.  I’m lucky to not really have any health complaints apart from an under active thyroid which I’m on medication for.

I run four times a week normally – three times from home with my two cocker spaniels for company, and then Parkrun on a Saturday morning (Sewerby is my home run).

Some stats for those that like them:

5k PB:  25:07 – Parkrun 2015

10k PB: 51:28 – Yorkshire Coast 10k 2017

Furthest I’ve run is 13.39 miles – on my own because I felt like pushing myself!  Edit:  I’ve now run 15.5miles – with Ben Smith as part of the 401 Challenge.


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