Teriyaki Salmon & rice – a new favourite

In a bit of a deviation from my usual posts I thought I’d share a delicious meal instead.Like many people I’m sure, we sometimes get stuck in a rut with the meals that we eat - same things week in, week out. I don’t think we generally eat badly, but it’s always good to shake... Continue Reading →

February training & Wokit review

I’m just about keeping up with my target! Although the miles run looks low, for a short month I don’t think this is too bad. I still want to try and increase the average miles per run (this month 4.59miles) – I think this will come with lighter nights and better weather! Miles: 73.51 Number... Continue Reading →


A couple of weeks ago a good friend gave us a sourdough starter (and some flour and a spatula!) to have a go at making our own bread (thanks Lizzie!). The instructions can seem a bit overwhelming, but we thought we might as well have a go…. Well the first attempt wasn’t great. I didn’t... Continue Reading →

Running and diet

How is it already the middle of October?! Since that last good / bad run I’ve had a fairly good couple of weeks running wise – trying to keep my mileage a little bit higher. I normally average about 15 – 20 miles a week, but have managed 22 / 24 the last couple (that’s... Continue Reading →

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