2020 A running year in review

This time last year I’d set four aims for 2020 (you can read the post here), they were: Long runs - increase the length of comfortable long runsWeight - get rid of itPace - get quickerUpper body strength - improve I have achieved each of these to some extent - the weight one is not... Continue Reading →

A change of routine

It has been a busy but good few weeks, both running and life. I’m very grateful that this has been the case and know that isn’t the same for lots of people. I am still following the plan, and am currently on week 8, which is supposed to be the last week. However I have... Continue Reading →

The day my toenail fell off

Does that now make me a proper runner? I think that it started with my trail shoes last year, the nail on my second toe seemed a bit funny. Fast forward to now and a few soaks in the hot tub that we’ve just got out has meant that it has finally come off completely.... Continue Reading →

Meet Slob

I am VERY excited to share our new purchase. Last year every trip that we had planned for running meant that we camped. I don’t mind camping, and we’d bought a tent off a friend and had everything that we needed. But... My husband really isn’t keen. And I can’t say that he hasn’t given... Continue Reading →

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