Not going to plan

Well it isn’t really going to plan at the moment ! As a result of not feeling great, I haven’t run as much as the plan says I should have done. But I'm trying not to beat myself up about it, rather make plans to improve. I’ve just had some blood tests done, am now... Continue Reading →

Why I run early

I posted last week the beginning of a training plan. It's been a while since I last followed a structured plan and with lots going on in life I knew it was going to be a challenge. But… I’ve completed the first week. The only change was to swap the interval run to a steady... Continue Reading →

The National Running Show 2020

Last weekend we headed down to Birmingham for our second visit to the National Running Show. We enjoyed it last year, but definitely wanted to get more out of it this year. I did have a shopping list! I wanted to listen to some of the talks too, which I didn’t get to do last... Continue Reading →

2020 Training Plan

Have we all settled into the new year routines yet? No chance for me! It was the same this time last year, both of us away with work several times, a couple of weekends away already and I may have decided to strip out the downstairs loo so evenings have been spent plumbing and tiling!... Continue Reading →

2019 The Truth!

So did I do it? My main running goal that I set this time last year was to run 1000 miles in the year. I’d not achieved this in 2018, so could I do it on my second attempt… Yes I did! I’ve been far more consistent right from the beginning to ensure that I... Continue Reading →

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