May training update – less miles than April!

Despite a few long runs in May, overall I did far less miles. Two big races in the month and I was trying to be easy on the body in between and not push too much. Quite a few trail runs, lots of wet runs and the usual everyday running from home. Training update: May:Miles:... Continue Reading →

How 2021 is running so far

Here we are already in the middle of April. Things are looking a little more positive at long last. It’s been a long time since I have updated on here and I’ve been trying to work out why. It isn’t because I forget about it - lots of time I think about what I want... Continue Reading →

5k timed effort and sad times

I’ve struggled over the last few weeks. Not particularly with running, but everything else including the pressure of making sure others are OK for a very different Christmas. The training plan. I completed the plan, and added an extra week on to the end with a few more sessions. Each week had an interval run,... Continue Reading →

At last, a run that felt good.

At last, a run that felt good. A run where I finally felt like I was getting back towards where I was before falling and injuring my quad. Morning runs are good, it suits me. 7am Tuesday morning, dressed, a quick drink of water to take my morning meds and then find the waist belt... Continue Reading →

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